Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teddy's Little Adventure

Last week I made myself a list of goals that I wanted to achieve for the week. One of those goals was to get out and about with the kids for at least half an hour every day.

Caitlin enjoys going out and having a little scoot around the estate on her scooter, but there is only so many times you can scoot around the block before it gets a little bit boring for her. Last week she decided to spice things up a bit by bringing Neil's Teddy in her bag, so she could take photos of Teddy's adventure so Neil could see what they had been up to. If you are wondering why Neil didn't come with us, he has a real heat intolerance and avoids going out on the really hot days, so we left him at home in front of the fan.

 After going for a little scooter ride around the estate, we took Teddy to the park.

He had a little turn on the swings.

Then he braved the climbing frame, before having a little rest at the bottom of the slide.

On his way home, mischievous Teddy decided to climb a tree. It was all fun and games until he got stuck on a branch on his way down... silly Teddy!

After his big adventure around the village, Teddy needed a rest, so Caitlin popped him in her bag for the journey home.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mums List #2

Last week I set myself 5 goals for the week ahead, which I felt were easily achievable and were designed as a bit of a life push, because I've been a bit rubbish recently.

I'm not sure about you, but I think it's awful when you make yourself a to do list and then fail to do the things on it, it's like a major personal failure! (Well, I may be a little dramatic here, but it is s bit crap) Well that is pretty much what I've gone and done this week.

  • I said I was going to write a little thing each day, as a reminder or promt about the day. I haven't even done that once! 
  • I did get out of the house with one of the kids most days. We are having a lot of trouble getting Neil out of the house. He's very sensitive to this heat, and spends most of his time on the sofa in front of the big fan we bought him. I've been out with Caitlin most days this week though, and it's nice to spend a bit of time alone with her. It's also got me thinking about how lonely I will be when she starts school, she is my little sidekick after all!
  • I haven't really kept up to date with my blog as much as I would like, but I have posted more than the previous week, which is a start. Most evenings I've just felt so tired and hot. I have been trying to get up before everyone else in the house and get something done early, I do seem a bit more productive in the morning. So far that's worked out better than trying to post at night, but some mornings I have found myself spending an hour dilly dallying about on twitter and not getting anything written.
  • I did start a book this week, wahoo! Don't ask me what it is called because I honestly can't remember, and I can't be bothered to go downstairs and find it, but I know it is by Lucy Diamond. I slipped away while the kids were playing and lay on their trampoline in the sun with my book. I managed 28 pages before Caitlin realised I was on 'her bouncy' and came to join me. I'm hoping to get it finished this week, but that may be a bit too hopeful.
  • Early morning exercising is another thing I'm proud to have achieved this week, and I feel great for it. It has been hard to drag myself up some mornings, but a quick routine really makes all the difference, and my energy levels have improved. This is the workout I have been doing most mornings, I like that it's gente enough that it can be done in my jarmies and don't need to fanny about getting my sports stuff on.

A bit of a mixed bag then, I've managed to do some and failed a bit on the others.
I feel a bit more inspired this week, so I'm going to set myself a new set a goals.

  1. Finish the book I started - I'm hoping a good bit of reading will inspire my writing a little bit
  2. Find activities that Neil enjoys - If going out in the sun is out of the question, I'm going to have to find some other ways to keep him active and get him up off the sofa.
  3. Write something every day - I'm setting this for myself again and I'm determined not to fail. 
  4. Get some vlogging done - I've been slacking a bit with my youtube channel and would like to get some new vlogs recorded and published this week. In the future I want vlogs to be a big part of my blog, and so need to put in a bit more effort.
  5. Go out for a run every day - OK so I accomplished my fitness challenge last week, I now want to step it up a bit and challenge myself a bit more. I've been running for a few months now, but only once or twice a week if even, so I want to try and get out every night this week for a small run.

Do you have any goals for the week ahead. Was there anything you wanted to do last week that you didn't get round to?

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Word of the Week - Hot

Wow, haven't we had some fabulous weather this week? It's been warm enough to fool you in to thinking we live somewhere exotic.  I love the sun, and would be out all day just enjoying the nice weather, but Neil and my hubby aren't such big fans. 

My word of the week this week is:

It's all I've heard this week, 'it's too hot', 'I'm too hot'. I may have even uttered the words myself. I love nice warm summer days, lazing around at the beach, dipping in the sea to cool down. I'm quite happy to don my nice floaty summer clothes and soak up the sun.... during the day. My question is why does it have to be so bloody hot at 3am? It would be nice for a little breeze to come in at about 10pm and hang around until the morning, just to cool my house down a bit.

Neil and his Daddy really can't cope in the heat. I don't know if it's an ASD thing, but it really seems to mess with Neils senses. He spends most of the day whining about being too hot, that his head is too hot, he becomes slow, lethargic and almost unable to function, and he sweats like mad. I've never known another child to sweat so much.

Getting Neil to sleep on a good day is certainly not an easy task, but with this damn heat it's making it ten times worse. He was still awake at 3am this morning. 3am! He'll be waking up soon too, and so will be tired and grumpy from having little sleep, and then he'll be extra grumpy because he's too hot. My husband is exactly the same, and together they really are not coping with this at all.

Here's hoping we get a nice cool rainy day sometime in the next few days so we can restore a bit of normality in to the house. 
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wicked Wednesday - The MAC Destroyer

Don't be fooled by children and their cute little faces, sometimes they like to wreck stuff! This is an old photo from 2012 when Caitlin got in to my makeup bag and smothered and entire mac eyeshadow on to her face.

If you are tired of looking at perfectly shot photos of perfectly styled families, then head over the lovely Em at brummymummyof2 for her new linky #WickedWednesday where you can view a mass collection of 'deleted from the family album' photos, proving we are all slightly less than perfect at times!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Evening Stroll Along the Beach - The Ordinary Moments

640/360I feel like I was working a lot last week and didn't get to spend as much time with the kids as I would have liked. In reality, I wasn't actually working any more hours than usual, but it was all packed down to the end of the week and the weekend.

When I got home last night, I could quite easily just collapsed on to the sofa for the evening, but I have made a bit of an agreement with myself that I get out of the house with the kids every day, and it was a nice warm night so I thought we could make the most of it and head out for an hour.

Neil didn't want to go out, "not even a tiny little bit", in his words. It's not worth pushing it, once his mind is made up that's it. Trying to change his mind would just create unnecessary upset for everyone, and a whole lot of anxiety before bed time, which nobody needs. 

So while the boys stayed in the house, Caitlin and I headed for the stroll along the coast. It was a lovely evening, and even the sea breeze couldn't spoil the warmth. 

We sat on the sea front for a little while, then walked along the pebble beach. Caitlin wanted to find some shells to take home for Neil as a little gift. She wanted to take home a dead crab too, but then she decided if he wanted the crab he should have come with us. We stood and watched some men canoeing in the bay for a little while, and then went for a little walk around the quay. There were a lot of jelly fish in the water, which Caitlin was pretty intrigued about. She kept asking questions about why they looked so strange, and why they were not like normal fish, none of which I could answer.

From the quay we slowly made our way back home. Caitlin was becoming tired by this time, it was 8.30 afterall. She managed to walk home without needing to be carried which is great, because usually she will stop with her arms in the air and demand to be picked up.

When we got home Caitlin gave her shell collection to Neil, who made it clear he was not interested in shells. She wasn't too bothered though, and decided to keep them for herself instead.

I think the sea air did her good, because she fell asleep pretty easily last night, which is rare for her! I think we'll definitely have to make the most of the summer nights and go out for more evening walks.

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