Could you transform your ugly home?

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It’s where we interact with our families, see our loved ones and raise our children – home sweet home is many things to us, so it’s little wonder we want our houses to look their best. Not only are they the place we spend the most time, but for homeowners, they’re usually the biggest and most expensive asset they have, so taking care of your property makes perfect sense. But what if you’re stuck with a home that’s just a little…well…ugly? It might be beautiful inside, in the perfect location and within budget, but transforming the way that your home looks is a definite possibility. Turning an ugly duck into a swan can be as involved as you make it – it can be a lick of paint or a whole renovation project. Here are some ideas to get started…

Facelifting Your Property

Sometimes, only total transformation will do. If your house has bags of potential – but not much else, you do have options for a full internal and external makeover. At the top end of the scale, this is pricey but it can add a huge amount of value to your home and make it much more of a saleable asset should you ever need to move – as well as somewhere you and your family can love now. This can also be a brilliant way to buy into an area that is more expensive – choose a fixer-upper and gradually improve it. Speak to a firm of Residential Architectsto find out what could be possible – from render or cladding to transform the outside look to adding an extension, converting the loft or altering the roof, you can make your home into a stunning modern building with time, money and expertise.

Upgrade Your Kerb Appeal

If you don’t want to go down the Grand Designsroute, there are plenty of other options. You’re aiming for what estate agents call ‘kerb appeal’ – a home that people want to step into when the see the front view. Sometimes, repainting tired old masonry or having bricks professionally jet-washed can make a real difference. You could also look at upgrading windows and doors, which will not only smarten your home’s looks up but can also make it more energy efficient and save you money on your heating bills. If the front of your home looks too harsh, you can soften it with potted plants and foliage to add texture and dimension. Planting can also help you to obscure features which are necessary but undesirable, such as electricity meters. Simply adding some trellising with a pretty climbing plant or two can mask things you don’t want on display.

Add A Feature

Adding a porch onto the front of your house is a relatively straightforward project, and one which can have a lot of benefits – again, it improves the warmth, gives you a place to store coats, umbrellas and muddy boots and can add character and dimension to the front of a more featureless home. If your front door opens straight into your living room, it’s especially worthwhile to do. The existing roof pitch will give a guide as to how you should construct your porch, and make sure that you’re still allowing light to flow into the hallway beyond.

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