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Crafty and Creative Hobbies You Can Do With Kids

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The return of the cold weather means we’re all spending more time indoors, and it can be increasingly difficult to keep kids occupied. If you’re wondering what to do with them at the weekends or over the Christmas holidays, here are some fun, creative ideas. 


The Christmas period always inspires the nation to dust off their baking equipment and get into the kitchen, and there are tons of fun, festive bakes you can create from stunning showstopping tiered cakes to cookies, cupcakes, pastries and more. Baking is a fun hobby, and you get to treat friends and family with your creations when you’re finished! Kids love it and it’s a great rainy day activity that you can all enjoy together. 


Music is good for the soul, but as well as listening to it, have you ever had a go at making it? There are lots of programs online that you can play around with, many of which are child friendly making it a fun family activity. If you’re really pleased with the outcome, you could have a CD printing company print out some copies for you to keep. Perhaps you could pop one in your family scrapbook and listen back to it later down the line?


It could be anything from knitting to sewing to quilting to embroidery. You get a fantastic finished item once you’re done and is a great way to put your creativity to some use. You could also save money making items such as clothing or even pieces for your home. For example things like curtains and cushion covers will work out much cheaper if you buy the material and make them yourself. Plus you get much more freedom and can create exactly what you want rather than buying from a shop.


Blogging is an excellent hobby, it costs nothing to get started and you don’t need any special equipment. Simply sign up for a blogger blog, and get to work creating content! You could use this as a platform to share things your kids have written or drawn, you could document your travels and days out together. If your kids are younger then it will be you that will need to write up the posts,  but you can all come up with interesting content ideas together and make it a real family project. 


Art projects could involve anything from simple pencil sketches to art using all different kinds of materials. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest for different materials from paint to charcoal, coloured pencils to pastels, even creating your own prints with ink and stamps. It’s a fantastic way to get your creative juices flowing, it’s fun for kids to get messy and just see where their imagination takes them. 

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

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