What to do When Mum Blogging Goes Wrong

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When it comes to side hustles for mums, blogs often come top. This is one of those careers that’s supposedly the ideal way to make money when you have a family. Whether you blog about motherhood or something unrelated, it’s the perfect entrepreneurial route to finding balance in your home and work life at last. Or is it? 

If you’re anything like most, you’re fast realising that, as your blog grows, so do the hours you have to put in. Suddenly, you’re having to cancel plans with the kids or invest in childcare just to keep up with your growing workload. 

In a way, your struggles here are a good sign that your blog business is booming, but let’s get real; that isn’t much good if you’re seeing your kids as little as you would if you worked in the office. Luckily, the best mum bloggers tend to turn to a few simple tricks to make this career work around their families, and we’re going to look at them here. 

Get help

Your blog business probably still has a long way to go before employment is possible, but that’s not what we mean here. Instead, we’re referring to more affordable help options, including guest posts that take some of the load off or fast managed WordPress hosting that can take care of the technical aspects of what you do right now. Even just asking your partner to scroll through comments now and again can help! While it might not be easy to take these steps at first, you can bet that your schedule will become a whole lot more manageable the moment you do.

Work in bulk

Often when embarking on blogging, we make the mistake of doing an hour here or there, thinking that this will free more time with the kids. But guess what? That’s a falsehood. It simply won’t be possible to make the most of your family adventures if you rush off for an hour as soon as the fun gets going. The answer is actually often to work in bulk instead. Though you might not think it, spending a few hours writing your posts for the week is a guaranteed way to spend more time with your family, even if it does mean one afternoon of childcare. Better that than bitty days that disrupt family life!

Turn off automatic notifications

Along the same lines, many mummy bloggers mistakenly leave comment and email notifications active on their phones, even during family time. All the better for being there for your audience, right? But what about your kids? If you’re forever distracted with comment replies and the like, your children are always going to fall by the wayside. Don’t be that mum who’s always on her phone! Instead, turn off notifications and develop a plan that allows you to tackle these tasks in that bulk blogging period mentioned. Then, you should find you’re finally able to dedicate the time necessary for both family and blog without compromise.

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