How Technology Influences Legal Education

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Technology is touching virtually all aspects of our lives. It changes how we communicate with one another, how we keep ourselves entertained, how we work, and how we learn. Nowhere has the educational shift been felt more keenly than in the world of legal education. As one of the world’s most advanced and forthright industries, it comes as little surprise than the legal field would be quick to integrate technology into the learning process. Indeed, many of the legal issues that are on the rise are connected with technology — say, for example, intellectual property in the digital area.

Ultimately, this shift in learning approach helps to produce graduates that will be ready to navigate a world where technology and the internet are both the cause and solution to legal issues. The technologically-infused courses both use tech as a fundamental part of the learning process, and also deal with tech-specific legal matters that are both prevalent now and which will be in the future.

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen is how the material is delivered and how lessons are taught. As well as face-to-face classes in the classroom, there could be online videos and digital resources that help students away from the classroom. It’s also helping to make the learning process better for students, too. For example, there are tools that adapt the learning materials to suit the student’s specific needs.

To learn more about the changing trends in legal education, take a look at the infographic from USC below. 


Infographic Design By USC USC


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