‘How “Super Mums” Stay In Shape (And How You Can Be Just Like Them)

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While you might not like the term “super mum,” there’s no doubt that such people exist. These are mothers who manage to stay in shape, despite the demands on their time and energy. 

If you study these people, though, you soon come to realise that they’re not super mums because of their iron will. Instead, it all comes down to the small daily habits they include every day – things that bolster their defences against the stress and the strain of the modern world. 

Have you ever wondered how super mums stay in shape? Do you want to emulate them? Here are the small and surprisingly simple things that they do to create almost supernatural results and achieve your goals

Eat Stressed-Out Plants

This first idea might sound a little strange, but there’s a heck of a lot of science behind it. It turns out that eating stressed-out plants is incredibly good for us. The reason for this is that when our bodies detect that a plant is having a bad time, it signals to us that something terrible might be on the way – like a famine – and so our cells automatically go into repair mode, making us healthier. It’s an exciting concept. 

But what does a stressed-out plant actually look like? How do you know you’re eating one? 

Usually, the most stressed plants are the most colourful and full of flavour. The same compounds that makes an apple bright red or a blueberry taste delicious are the compounds that protect the plant from harm and signal to our bodies that danger might be on the way. 

Don’t worry though: eating stressed-out plants won’t make you feel bad. 

Include Movement Into Everyday Activities

If you’ve ever worked with a fitness trainer, you’ll know that they swear by incorporating movement into your daily activities. The more active you are, the more you can prime your body into looking and feeling great. This trainer tip is something that super mums make a part of their day. 

Instead of packing the pram and the rest of the paraphernalia into the car, they take a walk instead. Or instead of getting groceries delivered, they carry the bags back from the shop. Small changes like this can have a profound effect on fitness and make you feel much healthier to boot. 

Don’t Follow Diet Fads

Diet fads come and go, but super mums are in it for the long-term. They don’t believe in doing anything that their grandmas wouldn’t have done, preferring to learn from what worked in the past than take the advice of gurus. 

The reason they take this approach is that they know that specific diets are sustainable and others aren’t. It’s just not realistic, for instance, to expect somebody to live without carbs for decades at a time. That’s not how we’re wired. Instead, supermums look for opportunities to make carbs healthier, such as only eating them in whole food form. They might also do other things, like cut down on meat and sugar, rather than eliminating them entirely. That’s their secret. 

Image by Марина Вельможко from Pixabay 

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