Five Fun Fundraising Ideas

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Are you looking for a fun and extraordinary way of raising money for charity? Whether it’s a Ramadan charity to Syria or another worthy cause, it’s good to get a list of unique fundraising ideas going ahead of time. Of course, there’s a chance that there won’t be time to do all of these, but it’s good to get inspiration so that you can pick and choose which ones appeal to you (and which are realistic!).

There are, also, other ideas such as organising a charity concert or fun run, but these can be challenging to arrange unless you have many people helping you. Therefore, the following simpler ideas might be more achievable:

A Bake Sale

Bake sales are a great way of raising money for charity. Held in either your children’s school or at your local church, they give people the opportunity to get baking with your childrenand try delicious treats whilst fundraising for a good cause. Although this idea might be an obvious one, it’s still worth mentioning as not only is it a fun event within your community but it’s a great start towards achieving your fundraising target.

Organise a Raffle

In this country, raffles have been part of the culture for 100’s of years – and for good reason. The ideal opportunity to raffle off a range of items, from toys to hamper baskets, it’s exciting and will entice people to join in. 

To organise this effectively, consider asking the local schools, churchs, or a community centre if you can have their hall space for the afternoon. You can then donate the money raised from entry fees and raffle strips to your chosen charity. 

Charity Film Night

Who doesn’t love a film night? If the weather is nice, you can rent an outdoor screen, place some deck chairs and beanbags around it and show a classic film. Although this might sound expensive, there are lots of places that you can rent screens from that won’t put you too out of pocket. 

A cheaper alternative would be to rent a hall for an afternoon or evening and install a projector/screen for the movie. Similarly to the raffle, you can then donate the money raised for the charity of your choice. 


Karaoke is a popular pastime that’s bound to be a hit. Ask your local pub if you can set up a karaoke night and consider renting a machine. Then, all you need is to charge for entry and set up donation boxes around the pub. People will love taking part in this and it’s a simple way of fundraising for charity. 

Quiz Night 

Similarly, in your local community centre, pub or another similar venue you could host a quiz night. Everyone loves taking part in quizzes, and it’s a good way of competing for a wonderful cause. 

When creating the quiz, make sure to include a variety of different questions that a wide demographic can answer – this way it will be more interesting for all who attend, no matter what their age!

Photo by Daria Vasileva from Pexels

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