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Making Higher Education More Accessible For Your Family

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Higher education should be something your kids can move onto, if and when they want to do so. However, it can be very hard to prepare yourself for uni, and it can be very difficult to get into the higher education path you want to be in, or adjust to the life that comes with it. But you’ve got some time right now, to ensure your kids have everything they need to follow their academic dreams when the time comes to do so. 

So, with a bit of research, and quite a bit of forward planning, make sure you keep the ideas below in mind when thinking about your children’s futures. You may have a child who’s already showing a lot of potential for academia, so why not do the most for them while you can?

Learn About Uni Alternatives

University isn’t the only form of higher education that your kids could go on to do. In the modern day and age, there are quite a few options for school leavers, such as apprenticeships, traineeships, or even becoming self employed or an entrepreneur if they believe their ideas are good enough. In your effort to make high education more accessible to your family, make sure you keep these in mind, and tell your kids all about them when they want to explore more. 

Know Your Accommodation Options

There are plenty of accommodation options available to students, and when your kids grow up and want to go off to university, it’s important they know about all of them. Most of all, if their uni of choice is nearby, they could very well stay at home and save on the rent costs!

But in most situations, the kids are going to have to move out, but to where? Well, a lot of universities offer accommodation for first years and beyond, and that’s usually cheapest. However, you could also make use of student friendly accommodation, such as that provided by companies like Axo Student. You can find these kinds of properties on normal housing websites, or you could specifically search up for them – sharing a house could very well help your kids to be less nervous about moving out, so this is a very viable option. 

Work Out Financing Ahead of Time

Of course, the money is going to be a big worry. At current rates, university costs over £9000 per year, and for someone on a three to four year degree, that’s about £36,000 in loans to pay back one day. 

So, you might want to help them by putting aside some money for their higher education needs, or go through what they can do in terms of financing options. Be sure to be thorough here, and always be honest about what it’s going to cost. 

Higher education needs to be an option for your family; make sure you’re talking about it, being open about it, and preparing for it for when your children want to learn. 

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