How to Save Money on Household Expenses

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Running a household on a budget can be difficult, particularly in an already tough economic climate made worse by the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the economy and job stability. With gas, electric, council tax, and monthly rent or mortgage payments, all on top of shopping for food and general household items, you can soon reach the end of the month without much change and literally counting the pennies. To help you to economise, this guide will show you just how to save money on household expenses.

1. Cut down on subscription services

Back in the day, monthly subscriptions were limited to magazines, newspapers, and contact lenses, but now it seems like there is a subscription service available for practically anything, from shaving accessories to perfume to entertainment. Add to this monthly Patreon subscriptions to support online creators, and you’ll soon find that a large amount of your remaining pay packet is spent on subscriptions that you may not be getting the full advantage of. Go through any subscription services you have signed up for and decide which ones you can do without. Sometimes this will be easy – the beauty box containing samples you never use – but, when it comes to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime the decision will become more difficult, particularly if there is a series on one service that is unavailable elsewhere (how can you watch The Mandalorian if you don’t have Disney+?) However, the money saved by cutting down on subscriptions will be worth it, and you can always sign up again in time for season two.

2. Keep your eyes peeled for discount codes

You’re no doubt familiar with the mid-season sales that take place at clothing stores, and seemingly never-ending sofa sales, but did you know that a lot of high street retailers regularly offer discounts on products and services? If there is a shop you use a lot, you could subscribe to their online newsletter, where you’ll be notified of sales and special discounts, such as money off the RRP and free shipping when you buy online. Signing up to a weekly discount circular can prove particularly useful in finding the best deals, particularly if there is a certain product you are on the look-out for. For instance, Samsung discount codes are available if you are in the market for a phone upgrade.

3. Use price comparison sites

Shopping for car and home insurance is usually expensive and overwhelming, and you might find yourself paying more than you needed to for a service. To find the best insurance deal for you, consult a price comparison site. By inputting your details, a website will filter through all available insurance companies to find the best deal for your situation. However, bear in mind that not all insurance companies are on price comparison sites, with big insurance firms such as Aviva and Direct Line not being listed. You will have to check these sites separately to truly ensure that you’re getting the best insurance deal.

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