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4 Important Principles When Considering Where To Move To Next

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When you feel it’s time to move house, you have plenty to deal with. You not only have to put your house on the market, but advertise it, and weigh up offers, and potentially wait a fair amount of time for budding interest. But more fundamental than all of this is figuring out where to go next. When you sell a house, it turns out you can’t continue to live in it. A tough rule, but one that makes sense.

But making that decision of where to move to next, especially when you have a whole Earth to choose from, can seem quite intense and complex. Of course, some people have this decided before they even consider moving house. They might know that one day they wish to live in a particular city, or perhaps their job is offering new placements in new areas as they expand their operation.

But if you’re trying to find a custom area to live, one you might even reside in for decades, how on Earth (quite literally) are you supposed to make that decision? We have some advice:

Your Child’s Education

It’s important to not only move for yourself, but for your child. This is true even if they are an infant, if you’re still pregnant, or if you plan to have kids one day. Considering the educational prowess of your local area, such as being in the catchment zone of the Leicester High School, can really help you plan out that future knowing you’re in the best capable hands, and so will they be, too. This can certainly help you feel peace of mind as the years pass on (more quickly than you might imagine).

Safety & Community

Safety and community are essential components of feeling protected and connected in an area, but the two are rarely separate. It’s important to know the crime rates of an area of course, but also if it has a neighborhood watch program, or how the locals might be in that area (it’s good to visit the town and spend some time there), how the local businesses operate, if there’s a connected culture there, and how you might contribute. This only gets more important the more rural you go, because with less neighbors, each one is more important.


What sort of utilities are important to you? Is high-speed fibre internet something that you need in order to update and cultivate your online content as part of a career? Then moving closer to a city could be for you. Perhaps you’re happy to use a septic tank and even sometimes draw water from a well, as that latter part sounds romantic. It could be that a rural area is more for you. How long are you willing to drive for to reach a local supermarket, and how easily can Amazon deliveries come to you, and what kind of lifestyle do you hope to lead? This will help you determine your interest in utilities, and that can help you move forward to the best results.

The Amount of Indoor and Outdoor Space on Offer
The location you choose will have a big impact on how much space you can get for your money. If you’re looking for lots of indoor space, as well as good garden space, you might want to choose a home in a rural area.

Of course, space can also signal potential. If you have the room to expend, or extend, or reorient a home’s internal space, that gives you more options for how you might like to consider the future. In that way, even a home that doesn’t exactly fit your most idealised specifications right here and now is more than able to be influenced in a direction you approve of.

For instance, you might decide to measure space to install the best fitted wardrobes, or perhaps you feel inclined to knock through a potential wall, creating a combined living and dining environment. Thinking this way and asking just what renovations may be possible can help you consider a space that you may have otherwise disregarded.

On the other hand, there are ways to make small spaces look and feel bigger, which you can learn more about at https://sarahscoop.com.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily decide where and when to move next.

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