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Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter


Taking care of your physical and mental well being has never been more important. Living through a global pandemic certainly isn’t something many people would have thought they would be doing this year, but here we are!

It is no surprise that more people than ever are struggling with mental health issues and are anxious about what life will look like once the worlds regain some semblance of normality. Not to mention how they will cope physically, mentally and financially should they become ill.

As the weather turns colder, it is only natural that we, as we do, normally look to recent ourselves becoming ill and stay healthy for the winter. So how can you prepare your body and mind to help you combat seasonal illnesses and protect your health now and for the future?


A biggie and one most people know they should do but don’t always do regularly. Working out frequently, even just going for regular walks can help your body be its best condition and help you to stay fit and healthy during the winter. You don’t even need any equipment. 150 mins per week of exercisewhere your heart rate is elevated are all you need to improve your fitness levels and boost your health.


Colder days, longer nights and nothing much to look forward to can leave many of us reaching for the comfort food. Making sure your diet is varied and contains all of the vitamins and minerals you need is part of the battle of staying healthy during the winter. 

While it is recommended you get as many of the nutrients you need from different foods, for those who are lacking in dietary restrictions or preferences can top up using supplements. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements can help replace any vital nutrients you aren’t getting in your diet, and other supplements such as CBD supplements can help you work on your health defences and include extra energy and more. Leafy green veg, vitamin D and green tea are great natural defences to helping your body fight off illnesses/

Wash your Hands

This year has never been more clear on the importance of washing your hands. But this is one of your best defences against many seasonal illnesses, not just global pandemic causing ones. Many people will be suffering from minor colds, viruses and flu this winter so making sure to wash your hands when you touch things or handle items others have will help you to ward off illnesses for much longer. Practising good hygiene overall will mean you give yourself that extra layer of protection.


Sleep is vital to your health. Many parents know that telltale feeling of sleep deprivation, but when you are tired, your body becomes more susceptible to illnesses such as colds and flu. Getting adequate rest and relaxation means you are allowing your body to repair and heal and giving yourself the best chance of fighting off any illnesses you come into contact with over the winter.

Photo by Ella Olsson from Pexels

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