Three Ways of Borrowing Natural Light In Your Home


The most amazing homes of the modern era, have all followed one rule. That rule is, ‘don’t try to out-do mother nature’. Natural light is by far, the single-most-important thing in any home that wishes to be a part of the modern interior design family. Why? Well, just like every other industry, the interior design sector is going through a transformation. The cycle style changes and the ethoses in design have brought about an end to artificial light playing the dominant role in the home. Sunlight has something that other types of light don’t. It is naturally illuminating. A ceiling light will cast unnatural shadows. A candle will do the same. But sunlight covers everything equally.

More mirrors

The mirror has virtually been lost through the recent years and it plays no role in the home anymore. This is quite sad as it’s something that every home has had for many hundreds of years. Now we use our phones to check our appearances and feel no need to add a mirror onto our walls.

But mirrors do something else other than reflect our image. They can rebound light all across the home. If you place a mirror in the foyer, the sunlight that is penetrating the front door’s windows and the walls will brighten your hallway and entrance. If you strategically place two mirrors, you could blast light all the way down your hallway, so you can see who is at the door without having to walk down the path. Putting more mirrors in your living room, kitchen and bedroom would also bring about a brighter vibe.

A leisurely opening

One of the best ways to add more light into your home is to install a patio door. Whether you have a patio or not, this would create a large opening into your home, spraying sunlight onto your dining area, kitchen and or lounge room. But what kind would be best? 

You want something that will last, will withstand any kind of bashing the weather might give it and still be functional and practical. That’s why aluminium bifold doors are among the top choices. They have fully integrated trickle ventilation, so there cannot be condensation that builds and builds, leaving puddles of water on the ground. This is needed as they will allow so much warm sunlight into the house, that if you have humid air in the home it will almost certainly cause this to occur. The material is smooth, buffed and strong, so you get a nice finish and sturdy construction that will last.

Reflective tiles

In the kitchen and in the bathroom, tiles are the most popular kind of wall decoration and material. But, they must be made out of a special glass mixture if you want more light to be rushed throughout the rooms. Because of their composite makeup, they remain lightweight and easy to clean. However, the glass that is mixed into the clay, will allow for double the light normally reflected, to be shone through the home. This makes it a perfect choice for your kitchen’s backsplash and for a dark bathroom. We also recommend that you use reflective tiles for your flooring if you would like to brighten a room triple the amount it is now. Maybe you have a naturally dingy room, that doesn’t have a window or just not enough lighting creeping in. reflective floor tiles would immediately solve the issue. They’re not only boosting natural light but your ceiling light and the light coming from your lamp on a side table.

Skylight heaven

A skyline is not the same as a roof window. The latter is usable, in the sense that you can open and close it. However, a skyline is a window but it’s not usable. It’s the only role is to allow massive amounts of natural light into your home unabated and untamed. These usually go on the second story of a home but if you have a part of the ground floor which doesn’t have another floor overhead, you can install a skyline quite happily. Sunlights are often called rooflights when installed into the attic or into the roof of a conservatory. They function in much the same way, but they are often made with thicker frames as they are flat and not always at an angle.

Natural light is making a huge comeback in modern interior design. We want the warm glow of sunshine back into our living spaces again, especially since we have been in lockdown. 

Image by Jean van der Meulen from Pixabay 

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