4 Pet Friendly Home Ideas For Winter


We can put on layers, snuggle under a throw and woolly wear socks to keep ourselves warm in winter. Our pets, on the other hand, have to find other ways to stay warm. Ever found your dog or cat, suddenly acting like a magnet during the winter? They aren’t just showing their affection for you, they’re trying to borrow some of your body heat. They are cold and uncomfortable and without you acting as their radiator, their life is going to be miserable. So we’re going to show you some ways of making your home pet-friendly during winter.

Strip rug

During the winter, your pets are going to stay away from the windows. They can sense the heat leaving the home through your large glass windows and this is something they avoid. However, this means they don’t get to enjoy watching what’s going on outside anymore. You can place a strip rug in front of the patio doors or by the front door so they can sit comfortably. Make sure the rug is made out of wool. Wool is the best material for winter and the strip rug will retain a lot of their body heat. 

Snuggle sofa

Do you allow your pet onto the sofa? Come on, we know you do! During winter it’s the best practice because their poor little paws are going to be freezing on the cold floor. However, you don’t want them to make a mess of your sofa, do you? That’s why you should follow this pet friendly fabric guide to find out which types of material are great to place over your sofa. For dogs, you can keep the sofa bare for them as it’s easy to clean. You can put a linen throw over the sofa for your cat as it’s flexible, durable and easy to clean. Suede is a good fabric for both, as it’s a durable and very soft material. It’s actually a form of leather by the way! 

Make them look silly

A winter jumper for our cat or dog is highly recommended. They might find it annoying at first but it will keep them warm. If where you live is going to be freezing during the night, placing a cotton or woollen jumper over your pets as they sleep in their beds is a good idea. You don’t want them shivering during the night and finding that they’re sick during the day. And yes, just like human beings, dogs and cats, can and do get the flu! It’s not easy to treat this illness and you’ll put them through hell. So make them look silly but very warm with a winter jumper.

Numerous island beds

Give your dogs and cats more beds around the home. They won’t want to venture around the house anymore because the floor is so cold. So place small beds in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and other places, so they feel comfortable hopping from one island to the next. They want to hang out with you, but they will stay put in their own sleeping bed if they have nowhere to park their bum.

Adapt your home to the colder temperatures so your pet can be just as comfortable as you are. Give them a silly festive jumper, place some island beds around the home and let them stare out the window on a strip rug.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

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