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5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Headaches

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Headaches are a common problem but this doesn’t make them any less irritating. They can disrupt your working day and keep you up at night. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to relieve headaches, even without taking any medicine. The most important thing is to get to the root of the problem. If you can identify the cause of your headaches, you can prevent them once and for all. Here are five effective ways to get rid of headaches.


Massage is recommended as an effective treatment for headaches because it encourages healthy blood flow. It also relieves stress and tension which are common causes of headaches. If you’re avoiding going to the spa because it feels a bit decadent, why not treat yourself? You’ll feel relaxed and energised afterwards, and it will get rid of your headaches.

Stay hydrated

In order to take care of your health, it’s important to stay hydrated. This is also an effective way to prevent headaches. Headaches can often be caused by dehydration and this is why they’re a common symptom of hangovers. Health experts recommend trying to drink two litres of water per day. This of course depends on your lifestyle. You’ll need to rehydrate after sport or in hot weather more. 

Upgrade your workstation

If you frequently get headaches, your workstation could likely be the culprit. It’s extremely important to set up an ergonomic workstation. This means investing in the right furniture and keeping your monitor at the correct distance. It’s also necessary to work with the right amount of lighting. This will help to prevent headaches and other health problems such as repetitive strain injury, poor posture, and eye strain.

Get your eyes tested

Your eyes could also be the reason you’re getting more headaches. If you suspect your vision has changed, visit the optician or doctor for an eye test. If you already wear glasses you might need to reglaze glasses to upgrade the lenses. You could be wearing the wrong prescription. New glasses will help improve your ergonomic working situation as well. It’s tiring staring at a screen all day, and you need to protect your vision.

Rest properly

If you are working with a computer, it’s recommended to rest your eyes by looking away at least every twenty minutes. Take regular breaks and walk around as well. Headaches may also make you more sensitive to light and sound. Try resting in a dimly lit quiet room and close your eyes for a while. It’s also important to get enough sleep and develop a healthy sleeping pattern. Sleep can also be an effective cure for headaches, you could try taking a hot or cold compress with you to bed as well.

Headaches are often caused by stress and tiredness, so it’s vital to practise self-care whenever possible. Keep active and try out new stress relieving hobbies. This will not only help with headaches but should improve your overall wellbeing. Look after yourself this winter, and keep headaches at bay.

Photo by Atul Choudhary from Pexels

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